The CT A-list (and D-list)

The CT A-list (and D-list)

Frequent CTA riders can easily tell you their choice line, preferred train seat and favorite stop. They will also tell you that an extended wait at a ramshackle station can truly make or break their day.

Lorena Villa Parkman | Citymag

Inches away from the CTA

When Mary K. and her husband bought their 1880′s house in Lincoln Park, they found soot on its outdoor walls dating back to when Chicago trains were powered with coal. Their property was part of the Sheffield farm, an area…

These are the unwritten rules, but what are some of the written rules?

The Unwritten Laws of Public Transportation

For many Chicagoans, the CTA is both a blessing and a curse. As if finding a seat during rush hour wasn’t hard enough, our fellow commuters can sometimes turn an otherwise mundane ride into one bordering on unbearable. See what…

Cell phones are a common item.

CTA: Lost and Found

There seems an emerging trend in the CTA’s Lost and Found – missing electronic devices. In recent days, there seems to be more people leaving behind cell phones, CTA spokesperson Catherine Hosinski said. With all the cell phones at the…

Passangers wait for their train at the Fullerton stop.

Simple tricks to speed up your CTA commute

Taking the same CTA route everyday on the way to work, school, or your favorite Chicago spot can get old, and your commute may start feeling like a drag if you can’t find something to do.