Vimont Broadsell of south Chicago drums at the corner of Wabash and Adams.

Chicago’s jazz and rhythm and blues leaves the clubs and hits the streets in a casual way.

Chicago’s Public Art Escapes You

If you commute to the loop, there’s a good chance you have seen some impressive city art. Some of it is placed discreetly, finding a home among the concrete, pigeons and skyscrapers; others rise above the landscape defiantly, breaking its vapid expression.

Erotic Artists Come Clean at the Dirty Show

At a special Chicago edition of Detroit’s infamous erotic art exhibition, three local artists try to explain erotica’s everlasting appeal.

Persian Shield

The Lincoln Park Conservatory offers visitors an escape from Chicago’s winter chill and a peek at tropical textures found far from Lake Michigan’s shores.

Chicago Improvisors Lead Its Mainstream Revival

Chicago is, and always has been, the heart of improv comedy. Starting with The Compass Players in the 1950s and evolving into the famed Second City. A team of four improvisors further the tradition while forging the new insurgence of mainstream improv.